TynePets Pricing

Service Cost Period Additional Information
Dog boarding in our home £25 per 24 hours or part Additional dog from the same family, £15.
Guinea pig boarding from £4 per day

Single guinea pig £4. Each additional guinea pig sharing accomodation, 50 pence. 
Price includes cage, bedding, hay, bottles and bowls. 

Rat boarding from £3.50  per day

£3.50 for up to two rats sharing, 50 pence for each additional rat.
Includes large cage with different levels, megazorb bedding, bottles and bowls. 

Chinchilla/degu boarding from £3.50 per day £3.50 for up to two pets sharing, 50 pence for each additional in client's own cage.
Small pet boarding (hamsters, gerbils, mice and similar) from £3 per cage per day The client will need to bring their pet's cage together with their regular food. Specialist bedding must be provided but we stock megazorb, dust-free snow shavings, hay and cardboard tubes to chew on or shred!
Pet Visits
Cat sitting and small pet minding from £9 per day We offer visits to your home to care for rabbits, cats, reptiles and other small animals.
Twice daily visits, £16.
Puppy visits from £9 per day

High Heaton, South and Central Gosforth on weekdays only. Twice daily visits, £16.

Dog Walking
Social dog walk £12 1 hour Weekday lunchtime walk for dogs in High Heaton, South and Central Gosforth.
Key collection or drop off £5 per trip Key collection is included in our initial free consultation. Most clients opt to use our complementary key-holding facility for subsequent bookings but if you require collection each time, a flat fee is payable.
Subject to availability, we can look after your pets during Christmas, Easter or other public holidays. Extra charges will apply for bank holiday visits - pets spending their holiday at our premises are charged at our usual rates.