About TynePets

Animals have always been an important part of my life.
My mum bred, showed and judged toy and miniature poodles so I've always been surrounded by dogs and puppies. From a very young age, I loved dogs and learned to recognise their individual needs, traits and personalities, how to train them and above all, to achieve that special bond and mutual understanding.
I was lucky enough to get my first pony; officially called Mercury, but we called him Murky, at the age of seven. 
Together with my husband, we've experienced the best times of pet ownership; the hikes in the countryside, the snuggling, laughter, playtime and fun. We've also experienced the other side; seeing our best friends becoming deaf, arthritic, infirm or gradually losing their sight. We've developed ways of dealing with those problems and making life as comfortable as possible for older pets.
For a number of years we shared our home with Boots, our top cat and quite a character.
The idea for a caring home from home dog boarding service began many years ago with our wonderful girl, Zoe. We checked out local kennels, found one that seemed good and booked her in. It was only for a long weekend - what could go wrong? When we picked her up, Zoe was completely stressed, had eaten nothing for the entire stay and most importantly we had never been contacted about it even though we were in the country. I hate to think how things would have turned out if we'd been away for longer. No more kennels for our dogs! 
We've had a variety of furry friends over the years; dogs, cats, horses, budgies, fish, chickens and sheep, even a disabled crow. We've also cared for many more including rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, degus, gerbils and reptiles.  
We are very proud of the service we have created and look forward to welcoming your pets into our family, whether it's for dog walks, holiday care or regular visits.
Toni Merritt
Owner of TynePets