A few comments about our service: 


Hi Toni & John

Just been looking at the fabulous photos of Merlin on Facebook. He's obviously had a fantastic time with friends old and new. He clearly gets a new lease of life when he comes to stay with you.

Thanks for taking care of him over the weekend. He was exhausted last night - could hardly get out of his bed to greet me after I'd been away!

Back to normal today; it's his 11th birthday tomorrow so he'll get a few treats.

Thanks again


Hi Toni

Once again thank you so much for looking after Jackson and Roseanna. We have just seen your new photos, they are fab. Am not on Facebook so cannot comment but am telling my family to look you up.

Love Louise x

I just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of Lowi while we were gone! It's a real comfort to know that he is being well cared for when we're not around.

Best wishes 

Emily, High Heaton.

Hi Toni

Thank you for looking after Tiggs yet again. It's so nice to know that she is being well cared for when I'm away.

All the best

Anne, Heaton.

Toni and John, looked after our Bedlington terrier Toby is was happy and well looked after. We felt confidant to to leave him and reassured. They will be looking after him in the summer x

Anne, Newcastle.

Thanks again for being a home-from-home for Siri while we were on holiday. He was so well looked after and has returned to us in fine fettle! Great to be reunited.

Katy & Dave, Newcastle.

Our comment: We had so much fun with Siri! He has a vast repertoire of tricks and is such a loving dog. 

Would recommend toni and John to everyone. Our pug oli had the time of his life. He was too fat because he was spoiled but toni and John sorted him out and we came back from our holiday to the happiest fitter and faster pug ever. Their advice was appreciated and oli was obviously looked after amazingly. Will be going there next time we go away, if they'll have him. Lol x

Julie Hope, Newcastle.

Our comments: Oli the little black pug is a bundle of joy and so very cute! He's welcome any time but doesn't need the ham and chicken, he's more than happy to eat his dog food now.

Dear Toni and John

When I needed help looking after Tulip you were there. Your home was like her second home and I know she enjoyed being with you, Pepper, Puzzle and the doggy visitors you had. It was quite the contrast to when she had to go into kennels, I had to drag her in, but she always went over your doorstep without hesitation - straight for her bed or to check out the food bowls.

Thank you so much for everything you have done, you went beyond the call of duty and you genuinely cared. To anyone who is reading this I would thoroughly recommend Toni and John to look after your pet and would be happy to be a reference point if required.

Carol, Jesmond.

Our comment: I don't have the words to say how much we loved looking after Tulip over the years and how much we miss her. Such a beautiful and dignified lady. Pepper doted on his Auntie Wooley and always kept an eye on her to make sure she was comfortable. 

Thank you for the beautiful photos of Archie playing out with his friends. We are having a lovely time but missing him loads. It's great to see him looking so well. The only downside of our holiday is leaving Archie behind but seeing he is having a lovely time is literally priceless. 

Thanks again, 

Mike and Linda, Newcastle.

Our comment: Archie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is fabulous. Don't forget, if you want updates about your pet thoughout your holiday we can send texts, emails, photos and video clips.

Thank you for looking after Vinny - it really put our minds at rest to know he was in such good hands and having a great time!

Those photos are amazing! We have really enjoyed looking at them! I'm so glad to be booking him back with you in April but will probably be in touch to book him for one or two weekends before December as well if you have the space.

Thanks so much - it was worth every penny :-)

Michelle, Newcastle.

Our comment: Vinny is so much fun. A little shih tzu with a big personality! He's had a wonderful time on his mini-breaks and for a longer time on his summer holiday. He's definitely made some firm friends and we're looking forward to seeing this little guy soon.

Hi Toni

Thank you SO much for the photos of the boys out and about with you and their new friends! They look like they are having a lovely time on all of their walks and will have enjoyed the company of you and the other pooches ... they will be a little lonely next week when I go back to work!! :(

It was such a relief for me to find you and TynePets so that my husband and I could actually have a holiday together - the first in 4 years! You gave us peace of mind that Monty and Winston were being so well looked after and exercised ... I bet they never slept so well - ha ha and they are very good at that!

Angela, Gateshead.

Our comment: Monty and Winston fitted in brilliantly and they have already booked their third doggy holiday. Glad you found us after four years staying at home! These guys are big softies and would have hated a trip to the dog kennels.

Hi Toni

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and John for looking after Alfie while we were away. He was his usual affectionate self when we got home and had obviously been very happy during his stay with you. It means a lot to us that we were able to enjoy our break away knowing that Alfie was well cared for. 

With many thanks, Lucy and family. High Heaton, Newcastle.

Our comment: Alfie is a delightful blue roan show cocker. He was fantastic to take care of, very friendly with us and the other dogs and a superstar off-lead. Being a tad greedy always helps as he soon learned what 'sweeties' meant! Lovely boy that we would look after any time.

Many many thanks for your help with Kafka. You are a star, we are very grateful.

Louise and Adam, Jesmond.

Our comment: Kafka is the most wonderful cat who we've been caring for for quite a few years. He's definitely unique with his little stumpy tail and absolutely loves having lots of cuddles and lap time. He used to enjoy outdoor time but less so at the moment. He's been a bit poorly recently but we've tempted him with lots of goodies and despite his medicine he remains as good-natured as ever. Get well soon Kafka. 

Thanks for looking after Suzie, Lolly and Bertie. Will recommend you to all my friends!

Charlotte, Heaton.

Our comment: Suzie and Lolly are wonderful cats, very affectionate and Suzie especially loves her food! Bertie is from Blyth hedgehog rescue and will hopefully be released in the spring. 

I love how you aren't afraid of getting them muddy. It's one thing to look after my dogs but when you take on extra duties just so they have fun ... I just love it. I don't know what to say. They have such an amazing time with you. You're worth every penny.

Thanks again for being a 'beyond the call of duty' dog sitter. It's very gratifying xxx

Andrea, Fenham

Our comment: Dingo and Pixie are so used to coming to stay with us.  Their owners don't drive so we pick them up and the welcome every time is something to behold! You've never seen such little dogs bounce so much when they know they are going on holiday. Love them!

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent care you have given Jessie once again.

Jillian, Longbenton

Our comment: Jessie is the most elegant of ragdoll cats. She loves having a good brush and lying upside down getting tummy tickles.

Thank you so much for looking after Nula; she is very well and happy. We've had a lovely holiday; it really made a difference knowing that she was being well looked after. Thanks also for looking after the house and plants, which have all survived the hot weather.

Dorothy, Gosforth

Our comment: Our first time looking after Nula cat. She was a lovely girl and very settled and comfortable staying in her own home.

Toni offers an excellent service. She always accommodates our very last minute or extended plans and we have great peace of mind knowing our cats and the house are in safe hands. The cats never fail to look disappointed when they see us come through the door rather than Toni!

Emma, Newcastle

Our comment: John and Melee are lovely cats. John was a shy boy to start with but after seeing us for their holidays on a regular basis he's more than happy to have a stroke and a fuss. 

Thank you Tynepets for looking after our pet rabbit over the past 2 years for the holiday period. You obviously care about the animals and try to accommodate last minute holiday decisions! We never had any worries about Peanut whilst away and he always looked very well when we returned. We would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends. X

Lorna, Newcastle upon Tyne

Our comment: We have really loved taking care of Peanut. Never met a short-haired bunny that moults quite so much! I'm sure his new owners will be delighted with him as he's such a friendly chap.

Thanks again for looking after Oaklee so well - first-class as usual. I will let you know when I'm next planning to be away.

Anne, Newcastle

Our comment: More holiday visits for Oaklee. She loves her outdoor time when she can be bothered - the usual route is through the living room window. She doesn't stay out for long as she loves her home comforts and playtime - we call her the 'tunnel lady' as she thinks there's nothing better than running through her cat tunnels to pounce on a toy.

Toni has looked after our two cats since they were kittens and we couldn't be happier with the service.

They are always happy when we come home and they aren't dying for attention like when they've been to a cattery. I can trust that my house is always left secure and the cats have plenty of food and water left down for them.

Little touches like taking in the bins and cleaning up a broken vase make all the difference. The service is very flexible and we've always been accommodated, even at short notice and over busy holiday periods. Thank you so much.

Claire and Alasdair, Wallsend

Our comment: We loved taking care of these two ginger guys - so much fun and such an adventurous spirit! It's a shame they've moved so far away as we'll miss them loads.

Thank you so much for making our wedding day so special. It was a wonderful surprise to discover Sam had organised for us to see Molly immediately after our ceremony. I really appreciate the effort you made to make this possible.

I can't thank you enough for this and all the love and care you've given my bunnies over the years, it makes such a difference to know they are always cared for.

With love from Joanne (Newcastle)

Our comment: It was fabulous to get together with you both after your wedding ceremony and the photos will definitely be unique - I'm sure there aren't many brides who have a rabbit in their photos! 

Update: Molly (who is actually a boy) has now been bonded with a wife bunny called Lola - they are both giant rabbits and getting along really well.

We found Tyne Pet Boarding when searching online for a 'home from home' for our much loved bichon Nancy.

Kennels seemed too harsh for a small dog who was used to home comforts and this seemed like the ideal solution. I am pleased to say it was!

From the very first time we left our young puppy with Toni at Tyne Pet Boarding we knew she was in safe hands. Toni and her lovely dog Puzzle were very relaxed with Nancy and they both helped us train Nancy to be the dog she is today (nearly two years later).

Nancy has regular visits to Tyne Pets, she is always eager to get in Toni's home to see what kind of excitement is to be had and who she might meet whilst she is there. Toni always takes the time to interact with the dogs and in summer sets up the garden with activities and a pool. Nancy loves the long walks she gets whilst she is there and always comes home more exhausted and a lot better behaved than when she went.

I would not fail to recommend Tyne Pet Boarding to anyone who loves their pet as much as we do.

Great service at a great price.

Most of all thanks for looking after Nancy so well for nearly 2 years. We are convinced she would be a different dog without you.

Blaise & Tom, Whitley Bay

Our comment: It's always a pleasure to take care of 'Fancy Nancy' with her pretty coats and sparkling white fur. She has so much fun although she does tend to turn into 'Dirty Gertie' after running around in the mud! 

Thank you for looking after Clarence and Milo so often during the past 2 years, you have been a godsend as they hated the cattery and freaked when we took them there before we discovered your service.

The fact they have been able to stay at home is brilliant and so much easier for us as well. I know they haven't been the friendliest of cats and are both in fact complete cowards, but I know they will have been happy to have been at home with a regular supply of food!

Thanks again for all of your help, we would definitely still be booking with you if we were staying in the area, but I think London is a bit far!!

Sarah, Gosforth

Our comment: We looked after Clarence and Milo many times but they preferred the great outdoors to having cuddles. 

Just a note to say thank you for looking after Tigs so well - letting me go away without any worries for her welfare.

Best wishes

Anne, Heaton

Our comment: Tigs is one of our long-term cats. She loves lounging in the conservatory and bringing home mice and birds as presents! She also enjoys being brushed so we spend a lot of time doing just that.

Thanks ever so much for looking after Harry and for his toys, he loves them!

Kate, Fawdon

Our comment: Harry has the biggest meow! He loves food, toys and venturing outside and is always happy to see us.

We can't thank you enough for all you've done to help us with Ethan - from watching him to running him to his hospital visits. We feel truly blessed to have met you - you are such great people!

Thanks so much. Lots of love, Michelle

You guys have been tremendous - thank you for all your support - Ben, Gosforth

Our comment: Ethan has stayed with us many times, he's a lovely dog who enjoys his home comforts. The best thing about home boarding, especially with pets that we know well, is that we get to know your pet as you do. If they show any behaviour that's unusual, we know straight away. In his case, his usual finicky eating habits were a bit more picky than usual and although he was happy to go out for a walk we sensed that something was wrong. A visit to the vet on New Year's day and a few tests later showed that he had a rare form of anaemia which would have proved fatal if left untreated. 

Update: Three years later Ethan's still going strong.

Toni has been providing daily walks to our labrador and border terrier for over a year now and we could not be happier with TynePets. The dogs adore Toni and anxiously await their afternoon walks and socialization sessions. Toni is conscientious and completely reliable getting to the house on time for walks on snowy days when most people cannot even get out of the driveway! We are very grateful to Toni and would not hesitate in highly recommending TynePets!

Claire, Newcastle

Our comment: Dylan and Jinxy are great dogs and love having their daily walks. Dylan never fails to bring a present when we open the door - it's always fun to guess whether it'll be a toy car, a stuffed toy, a piece of lego or something else!!

Update: How time flies, it'll be five years for these guys soon!

I love staying with Toni and John on my holidays because it's just like being at home. I even go in the huff when my mam comes to pick me up as I have to leave my friends Puzzle and Pepper.

Alfie (Bedlington-cross), Newcastle

Our comment: Alfie is the sweetest dog ever! He loves his holidays here and is such a favourite. Like many of the pets we care for he's earned a nickname so he's known as Larry (the lamb).

Update: We are so sad to hear that our gorgeous boy passed away in his mummy's arms in February 2014. He'll be a great miss. Love you Alfie, roam free at the rainbow bridge xxx.

We would not hesitate to highly recommend the services of TynePets.

Toni is our regular dog walker and is very reliable, trustworthy and also flexible - often helping out at short notice.

She also home boards our dog Milly when we go away - in fact, don't know what we'd do without her!

Elaine, Gosforth

Our comment: Milly is fantastic, a jewel of a dog and so loving. Her nickname is 'Ditsy' which I think suits her well. After Murphy passed away suddenly in 2010 It was difficult to imagine another flatcoat retriever quite as lovely but Milly has managed to fill quite a large hole although we'll always hold a special place in our hearts for Murphy. 

Tyne Pets provide a first rate service. I have utilised Toni's help with cat sitting, dog walking and dog boarding. Millie (dog) had a great time and was happy and tired when she got home! The cats were superbly looked after, and it's great to leave your pets and home in safe trustworthy hands. In fact, I am sometimes jealous of what my dog gets up to on her walks! Much recommended.

Jules, Gosforth

Our comment: Leo and Tonic are fabulous cats; such personalities! Millie is a dog in a million and a joy to look after.

Update: Millie passed away in 2012, so sadly missed. Our beautiful collie lady.

TynePets is like our second home. We feel really safe there and get lots of time and space to play.

Lucky, Gizmo and Widget bunnies (our mum, Rachel, helped us write this!).

Our comment: The most loving threesome ever! We love Lucky and his girls - our most regular bunnies.

Update: Such sad news, the two fluffy ones have crossed the bridge. Lucky has a new friend, Cieken (pronounced Keeka). If your bunnies come to stay with us they will most likely be here as we're their second home.

Tynepets offer, and deliver, an excellent, reliable service. I always return to a happy, stress-free cat. Highly recommended!

Anne, Longbenton

Our comment: What a wonderful time we've had taking care of this lady. Indoor, outdoor and lots of toys later we are totally smitten with her antics. Great fun!

Toni provides a fantastic service and our 2 dogs absolutely love spending time with her. We started using Toni with Woody our first dog who has been on regular walks with Toni and has boarded at Toni's when we went away on honeymoon. We were reassured by Toni's professional approach when she first met Woody. She took the time to walk him with us and other dogs to ensure she had a good idea of his temperament before starting to take him out with other dogs. We were also impressed by the fact the dogs aren't walked in giant packs, but in manageable numbers, excellent for the dogs socialising but no fear of them disappearing in a big group. Toni clearly cares for all of the dogs she walks/sees/look after and we feel very relaxed being able to leave our best friends with her.

Woody clearly loves his time spent with Toni, Puzzle and Pepper and the rest of the gang – we now can't walk past her house without Woody trying to make a break for the front door! Toni's house is definitely Woody's second home!

We recently added a new puppy – Roo to our house and Toni was great offering advice before we even got Roo and has since started her puppy visits and is now walking Roo. The puppy visits were fab, Toni always let us know how they were and any naughty behaviour and she also asked about what we were doing at puppy school so she could help compliment Roo's training. Roo has settled in brilliantly to the family, the puppy visits have definitely helped this process immensely!

We really couldn't recommend Tyne Pets more highly, they offer a fantastic, trustworthy, professional service, that ensures the dogs are well looked after but also have lots of fun! Great for owners and the dogs!

Carla, Sunil, Woody and Roo! Gosforth

Our comment: Woody is such a fun-loving chap and best friends with Scarlet the labrador. Roo is a live wire puppy and getting along well with the other dogs. 

My two guinea pigs, Hugo and Ulysees have stayed at Tynepets on two occasions and both times they have been extremely well cared for and happy. It is never easy for me to leave my animals with anyone as I fret and worry in equal measure but Toni is totally capable and caring of the animals in her charge.

She offered advice on their diet and bedding and is thoroughly professional. I was myself a dog handler for some years and would never place any animal of mine in someones care who I didnt think was offering a safe and nurturing enviroment. I would recommend her service to anyone looking for peace of mind whilst they were away.

Victoria, Wallsend

Our comment: How cute are these two piggies? We always enjoy having them to stay.

We can't thank Toni enough for looking after our cat, Max, when we were away on our holidays. Normally after being away, we come back to a grumpy, unhappy kitty but after getting daily visits and playtime for the duration of our trip, he was happy, content and very affectionate when we returned. Toni went above and beyond what we asked of her, and we will definitely use the services of Tynepets in future. Thank you so much from us, and thank you even more from Max.

Gayle, Wallsend

Our comment: Ahh, Max wasn't at all grumpy and his sweet side shined through. Such a lovely boy.

When I first walked into Toni and John's house I thought 'yes, this is a home that loves dogs'. Alfie was made to feel at home straight away as if he was the 'prodigal dog' returning to his family.

Julie, Fenham

Our comment: Alfie is fabulous and loves spending holidays with his friends. 

Millie had never known another home but her own. So finding the right carer took some time especially with her special needs.
TynePet is now her second home, sometimes we think she even prefers it!! Lots of friends to play with and numerous cozy beds - even if the clean laundry basket wasn't Toni's first choice for Millie.
Whenever we go on holiday Millie really is on holiday too at TynePet.

Rosemary & Melanie & Millie (the infamous Dottie), Newcastle

Note from TynePets: Millie is a 'teacup' Yorkshire terrier who suffered a badly broken leg as a puppy which was not set correctly. As one of our regular dogs, her care is paramount and we would not accept any overly boisterous dogs while she is staying.

We have been using Toni as our cat sitter for the past year and would not hesitate to highly recommend her services. Jess (our cat) always looks forward to her visits, be it for a weekend or even a whole week, and we are happy to go away knowing that not only is Jess getting well looked after but our house is too. Toni is highly professional and her rates are excellent, a happy cat and owners all round!

Eve, Gareth and Jess, Gosforth

Toni has looked after my dog since she was a very young puppy, before she was even allowed to go out for walks! Lottie, my cockerpoo, is now 10 months old and during all this time Toni has been incredibly flexible and reliable. I love the fact that whilst I'm at work Lottie is being exercised and stimulated on her walks with Toni, whatever the weather! I wouldn't hesitate leaving Lottie with Toni when we go on holiday, as I can tell she is a true animal lover and know Lottie loves her lots.

Gillian, Gosforth

Toni has looked after my cats on a number of occasions and for us is a far better alternative to putting the cats in kennels for a week. They appreciate the continuity of staying at home and are less stressed and the fact Toni is popping in each day to look after them also gives us peace of mind that everything is alright at home. She is the first person I contact when I go away on holiday.

Sarah, Newcastle

Note from TynePets: One of several households experiencing frozen pipes and water leaks during 2010. We will mop up, contact plumbers and/or electricians and make sure your home is safe and secure. We strongly recommend that you leave your heating on a low setting if you are away during winter months.

We have always been very pleased with the way you look after Smudge and it gives us peace of mind when we go away, knowing that he will be safe and well. Smudge has always been keen to come to see you so I think that's a thumb's up from him. Smudge says 'woof woof 'so I think that means yes don't you?

Denise, Wallsend

I have been using Tyne Pets for nearly two years now. The price is very competitive and the service very reliable. Short notice doesn't seem to be a problem either. They keep an eye on your home when your away too which is great. Maybe more importantly, Ethel (my cat) seems very happy with the service!

Carrie, Wallsend

Tony took care of our guinea pigs for 3 weeks while we were away, and the results just could not be better, our piggies were very healthy and clean , and unlike after other stays in pet hotels, they were singing and happy when we get them back...to be honest I think they actually miss Tony and her very loving care.

Sergio, Walker


i have used Tyne Pets a few times now and everytime the service is second to none.

I have three cats that Toni has cared for when i have been away and each time it is a weight off my mind knowing that they are being looked after by someone who has the cats best interests at heart. i cannot recomend Tyne Pets enough.

Ben, Heaton

When I moved house I found it incredibly difficult to source somewhere for my two cats to stay whilst on holiday, a friend and neighbour had always looked after them. I tried various catteries, was disappointed with the services, cats came home coughing and sneezing on more than one occasion and seemed to be more distressed than when I left.

When someone suggested using a cat sitter I was apprehensive about leaving my house in the hands of a stranger, however with few options left I searched around and eventually got in touch with Tyne Pets. Toni came round and the cats (and myself) warmed to her straight away, she does a fantastic job when looking after them (even brushes and plays with them) and it's such a relief to know the house is also in safe hands. Toni is honest, reliable and trustworthy with a real love for animals and the job she does so well, I am delighted with her services and would recommend her to anyone.

Margaret, Gosforth

Thank you as always for all the walks. I really appreciate the efficient system you have and the reassurance that Bean is in good hands when I'm working.

Kate, Jesmond.

We have used tyne pets the last two holidays we've taken and found the service to be absolutely fantastic.

After some bad experiences with catteries we can finally come home to a very happy cat. Toni is absolutely trustworthy and obviously spends time with Moo when she visits. We have no hesitation in recommending Toni and will continue to take advantage of her services in the future.

Lesley, John and Moo, Heaton.

Thank you for looking after Alfie and Daisie, I feel so much better going away and knowing that they are being well cared for.

Just to say a special thank you and to let you know how much I appreciate what you do.

All the best

Sandra, Newcastle

I am always happy to leave my three bunnies with Toni and have complete peace of mind when we're away on holiday. I found Toni on the internet and was pleased that her home is quite near to where we live. The bunny accommodation is very comfortable, warm and safe and is what my girls are used to and there is plenty of room for them to play. Toni really seems to know about rabbits and takes great care of them and I know they are happy to stay with her as it's a real home from home. I would thoroughly recommend Toni not just for rabbits, but all animals in her care are really well looked after.

Ingrid, Heaton

Dear Toni & John

Thank you for always taking such great care of my babies.

Monique & the paws, Wallsend

Thank you for looking after Doris when we have needed you this year - it's been such a help knowing you are there.

Sue & Stuart, Gosforth

Toni makes my life so much easier. I can go away - often at short notice - not having to worry about Hamish.

Completely hassle free, I know Hamish is happy - in his own house but also with company and fresh food. He always looks well looked after when I come home.

Rowena, Heaton

Dear Toni & John

Thanks so much for taking such great care of Ethan - we truly appreciate you!!

Michelle & Ben, Gosforth