Cat Sitting FAQs

Cat Sitting
Q: I'm interested in your cat visiting service, what do I need to do?
A: Initially, just give us a call or contact us through the web form. We will need your postcode to work out exact costs per visit. We will then visit you to discuss your requirements, meet you and your cat(s) and collect the keys. A deposit of 25% of the total fee is required to confirm the booking.
Q: What do you do when you visit my cat?
A: First and foremost, we give your cats attention and fuss. You'll need to let us know their individual quirks and preferences (although we do know about the myth that most cats don't like water). Peaches and many others would disagree! We try to establish their 'favourite thing' - it may be a toy, cuddles, the ever faithful catnip, brushing, a wander in the garden or something else. Many people with timid cats are surprised at how bold their pets become while in our care.
Q: What do I need to provide for my cat?
A: You will need to provide enough food and litter to cover the time you will be away. Whilst we provide bags for day-to-day litter refuse, we do ask that general items such as litter scoops are provided as well as bin bags for complete litter disposal. Kitchen roll, cloths and cleaning products to clean bowls and the cat's area will be required.
Q: We will be away for a couple of weeks, will my cats be okay?
A: Cats love their own familiar territory and feel more secure staying at home. We have cared for cats for over three months while their owners have been on holiday.
Q: Do you leave the keys after the cat sitting ends?
A: We offer a number of options for returning keys after our visits end:
  • You can subscribe to our free key-holding service for future visits.
  • You can collect the keys from our premises or arrange to have them delivered back to you on your return.
  • We can leave them in your house or drop them back through your letterbox. Please be aware that the comfort and safety of your cat is our top priority; if you choose this option it means that we would be unable to re-visit if you were delayed and you would need to make alternative arrangements.
Q: Can you recommend the best type of cat litter?
A: As you can imagine almost every client uses a different brand of cat litter - we always recommend a clumping variety. Although there are many good products, we have found that by far the best is Oko Plus - for the average cat/s the initial investment may seem expensive but will generally save you lots of time and money in the long run, even on the most basic supermarket brand. Another excellent litter is World's Best Extra Strength.